Paddock Maintenance Services

The correct treatment and maintenance schedule for your pasture is essential for the health of the animals grazing on it. Below is a simple calendar of suggested treatments throughout the year.

Some of our Paddock Maintenance services:

AgriEquest - Topping  Topped Field

Pasture topping has many benefits:

Helps with weed control by preventing weeds from seeding

Creates a healthy thick sward of fresh grass more palatable for animals to eat.

Topping in(May-July) helps improve the clover content which naturally fixes nitrogen helping with fertility

The toppers that we use mulch the cut grass which helps rapid breakdown putting nutrients back into the soil.

Normally carried out in the spring.

Helps repair damage created by hooves when the ground is wet.

Helps aeriate the soil and pulls out dead grass and shallow rooted weeds.

Spreads dung which exposes dormant parasite eggs to the air and sunlight helping kill them. Spreading the dung also helps with fertility.

Normally carried out in the spring / can also be undertaken later in the year following topping which creates new growth susceptible to the herbicide.

Heavy weed growth can reduce the amount of grazing available in a paddock by smothering out the grass. Or worse still can actually be poisonous eg Ragwort, even Buttercups in large numbers can be damaging to a horse’s liver. It is therefore important to control the weeds. The most effective way of doing this is by the application of herbicides. Only licenced operatives can legally carry out this task. It is imperative therefore that only licenced contractors be used. You can be assured that spraying carried out by AgriEquest is not only done under licence but also indemnified by our comprehensive insurance cover as well.

Because horse droppings are normally removed little nutrition gets put back into the soil. Horse paddocks therefore tend to benefit from a low rate application of fertilizer.

Natural seaweed based fertilizers like sure grow are our preferred choice. If for no other reason that there is no withdrawal period necessary for the horses.

Normally done spring/autumn.

Serious poaching by animals during the winter months can often require areas to be reseeded. This needs to be done when the soil has warmed up enough for the seed to germinate but not under drought conditions as the seed also needs moisture to germinate.

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